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Multi-Generational Vacations: How Self-Catering Accommodations Bring Families Together

ByTom Smith

Aug 15, 2023
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Are you tired of the same old family vacations where everyone splits into their own age groups, leaving no room for bonding and creating lasting memories? Well, we have just the solution!

Imagine a vacation where grandparents can connect with their grandchildren while parents enjoy quality time with their siblings. In this blog post, we explore how self-catering accommodations are revolutionising multi-generational vacations and bringing families closer together than ever before.

Get ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure that will strengthen family ties and create cherished moments for generations to come!

Benefits of Self-Catering Accommodations for Families

There are many benefits to self catering accommodation Queenstown for families looking to vacation together. These types of accommodations offer more space and privacy than a hotel and often come with kitchen facilities that can save families money on meals.

Self-catering accommodations also tend to be located in family-friendly areas with plenty of activities and attractions nearby. And because they are usually rented by the week, families have the flexibility to come and go as they please without having to worry about checkout times or rush back to their room after a long day out.

Planning Tips for Multi-Generational Vacations

Multi-generational vacations are becoming increasingly popular as families look for opportunities to spend more quality time together. Self-catering accommodations can be a great option for multi-generational vacations, as they provide the space and amenities necessary to comfortably accommodate everyone in the group.

When planning a multi-generational vacation, it is important to consider the needs of all members of the group. Young children will need plenty of space to run around and play, while older family members may appreciate having a quiet area to relax in.

Self-catering accommodations can offer both of these things, as well as a variety of other amenities that can make your vacation more enjoyable for everyone.

self catering accommodation queenstown

Here are some tips for planning a successful multi-generational vacation:

  1. Choose the right accommodations: Self-catering accommodations can offer the space and amenities you need to comfortably accommodate your entire group. Be sure to consider the size of the accommodations and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms when making your decision.
  2. Consider your budget: Multi-generational vacations can be expensive, so it is important to consider your budget when planning your trip. Determine how much you are willing to spend on accommodation, food, activities, and souvenirs before you book anything.
  3. Plan ahead: With so many people involved, multi-generational vacations require careful planning in order to go smoothly. Make sure everyone in the group knows what they need to pack when you are leaving and what activities you will be doing.
  4. Make it fun for everyone: Multi-generational vacations should be enjoyable for everyone in the group. When making your itinerary, try to include various activities that will appeal to all ages. Consider taking trips to local attractions or planning activities like nature walks or beach days.
  5. Factor in alone time: With so many people in one space, it can be helpful to plan some time where each person can have some “me” time. Consider allowing each person a few hours a day to do something by themselves if they want to.

What to Look for in Self-Catering Accommodations?

When booking a self catering accommodation Queenstown, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure a comfortable stay for all.

First, consider the size of the unit and whether it will comfortably accommodate your group. Then, take a look at the amenities offered – is there a full kitchen with all the necessary appliances and cookware? Is there Wi-Fi access and cable TV? Also, check to see what type of linens and towels are provided. Read reviews from previous guests to get an idea of what to expect during your stay.


Multi-generational vacations are the ideal chance to create lasting memories with your family. Renting self-catering accommodation is an excellent way to ensure you have all the amenities, space, and privacy that each member of your party needs. This ensures everyone has a home away from home during their stay and creates a unique atmosphere for meaningful conversations and quality moments together. 

Whether it’s in a large villa or small cottage, renting a self catering accommodation Queenstown can bring families closer together like no other experience can.