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3 Smart Business Valuation Methods to Determine Business Value

Business Valuation

Do you know the exact value of your small business? Or how will you determine the value of your small business? A simple answer is, whatever someone will pay you for it. The valuation of your business tells everything about financial success. Even if you don’t have a plan to take your business for sale, you need to know its valuation before you apply for a loan or lookout for a potential investor.

If you have a plan to sell the business, setting the right place is so much important to a Small Business Valuation that provide maximum value.

Business For Sale

However, these popular ways will help you find the best value for any business.

When you plan to sell a business, it comes up with lots of questions and there will remain decisions that you need to take. And, one of all those choices is deciding the business’s price.

Do you actually know about your business’ worth? How will you determine your business’ net value?

These all are a few of the burning questions most business sellers would face. But, we are here with three straight methods that will help in determining business value.

Business Valuation Methods

Brief On Each


The method of asset-based focuses on your business’ liabilities and assets. It will become easy to calculate your business value by differing assets and liabilities. Whenever you use asset-based methods, you will look at your business as a small entity. Some of them will add value to the company, and those items are considered assets. Other parts add debts to the business, and liabilities are denoted as debts to your company.

Find out your business value by subtracting liabilities from the assets.

Ex, If an asset value is $200,000 and liabilities are $100,000, then an actual business value is $100,000.   


In this method, you can compare your business with other companies that offer the same services. The value of your business will depend highly upon the current market trend. You need to look at the data from comparable businesses’ sale prices. The market methods provide an amount close to the market value. The amount of fair market value means your small business net worth is what buyers want to pay. You need to increase or decrease the pricing of business, depending upon what your buyers will pay to you.    


Your financial history will be considered in this method. With the help of books, you will show the buyers that your business is at low risk and you are up to a profitable investment. Buyers often take such loans to purchase a company. It is necessary to show the buyers that your business can generate enough profit to complete the loans before due time. The more efficiently your business pay debts, the more valuable it will be considered.  

  Small Business Valuation

We hope you find this guide helpful before you take your Business For Sale. Do you have any query about these methods? Ask us now!