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5 must-have landscape supplies for your next project

landscape supplies Christchurch

landscape supplies Christchurch

Landscape supplies are an essential part of any landscaping project. While the term landscaping itself can be used to describe many different things, the one thing that ties it all together is the use of landscape supplies Christchurch – everything from mulch and soil to stone and trees can be considered landscape supplies when it comes to landscaping your property. As you plan out your next landscaping project, it’s important to choose landscape supplies that will last and meet your needs as you go along. Here are five must-have landscape supplies for your next project.

Landscape edging

Edging is a necessity for most projects. No matter how professional or talented you are, there’s always going to be areas of your yard that require a straight line. You don’t want to cut corners with edging; it’s one of those small details that really gives a finished look to any project. If you do it right, nobody will even notice, but if you do it wrong it can be glaringly obvious.

landscape supplies Christchurch

Grass seed

Landscaping requires a lot of prepping before you even begin working on projects. Seeds, sod, peat moss, and soil are just some of the items that landscapers need to maintain gardens. If you’re getting ready to get into landscaping full time or simply want to expand your home gardening efforts, then there are a few products you can’t live without. Grass seed is one of them.


Did you know that most plants and flowers need soil with a pH between 5.5 and 6.0 to grow? To help lower that number, you can add some compost or mulch to balance out your soil. Not only does it help with improving soil conditions, but it also helps repel pests and reduce water evaporation from plant surfaces. Plus, by keeping dirt in place, mulch makes it easier to keep your garden looking tidy when weeding or tilling later on down the road. As with most gardening staples, there are several different kinds of mulch available: peat moss, pine bark nuggets, hardwood bark chips (such as pine), or cypress mulch (which decomposes slower than other options). So what’s best?

Soil conditioner

A thin layer of soil conditioner or mulch goes a long way toward keeping soil healthier and more vibrant. This lessens irrigation demands, increases nutrient retention and encourages healthy growth in trees, bushes and flowering plants. Aesthetically, soil conditioner makes hardscapes—patios, driveways and walkways—more appealing by softening them with various colours and textures.

Paving stones

It can be difficult to find paving stones that are beautiful, sustainable and cost-effective. For example, it’s easy to find cheap pavers at local hardware stores, but these often have a high embodied energy—they consume more energy in their manufacturing than they’ll save over their lifetime. Read more about finding beautiful and sustainable paving stones.


Which of these items can you not live without? Which are most helpful to start a landscaping business? Do you think any of these items are unnecessary or a waste of money? Let us know in the comments! Remember, sharing is caring!