• Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

A Guide To Shopping For Vintage T Shirts

When looking for a way to make your outfit look cooler and stylish, just add a vintage tee to your wardrobe.

Vintage t shirts are everywhere right now, from celebs and fashion bloggers to the street-style scene. They’ve forever been cool, but they are so popular now that it can get tricky to find great vintage t-shirts.

Here’s a guide to shopping for vintage tee whether you’re a beginner to vintage or a long-time fan.


 If a vintage t shirts catches your eye and you have no clue what the business is or don’t have the knowledge to buy a perfect vintage tee, save yourself a little embarrassment with a quick Google search. I’ve seen tees advertising everything under the sun, even strip clubs.

So before you buy, make sure that it exists if you’re buying a concert tee! A quick Google search on your phone is a must!


Always remember to shop vintage tee by measured size, not labelled size when it comes to vintage. Because vintage and modern sizing differ so much, you should always try on a tee to ensure it fits properly. I like a nicely fitted look, but I also want to roll up the sleeves if it’s an extra baggy tee.

Vintage t shirts

Shop All Sizes

It should not be a surprise that you should buy all sizes for the ideal vintage tee at Goodwill. In addition to the endless DIY possibilities of a vintage tee, sizing has changed over time. I have a couple of size medium men’s vintage tees that fit like a women’s XS. Also, look at sleeve length. If you purchase a larger tee, you don’t want the sleeves to hit your elbow. (Stay away from the shaker tee look.)

Shop All Colours

Like sizing, colour isn’t permanent. See a black vintage tee that you love but looks a little dingy. Just take some paint or bleach and make your creation. Even a dingy white tee can be revived with a little bleach.

Check the Light

A paper-thin tee is a sure sign of a comfy and well-worn vintage tee. If you prefer a semi-sheer vintage tee, hold the tee up to the light. Be sure and check for piling on thin tees, especially around the underarm area. If there is any piling, you can easily fix this was a fabric shaver or razor.


The world of vintage clothing is exploding, and Vintage t shirts are a gateway into vintage fashion; understanding what to look out for will simplify your shopping experience and enable you to find aesthetic pieces that will upgrade your wardrobe tenfold.

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