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Check For These Before Going For Repair A Leaky Shower Base

Check For These Before Going For Repair A Leaky Shower Base

A shower base is a large slab of concrete that the entire structure of your shower is attached to. Your shower base acts as an anchor for your walls and floor, preventing them from shifting and potentially causing structural damage.

If you have a leaking shower base, it’s important to fix it as soon as possible because a leaky shower can lead to mold growth, which could in turn cause respiratory issues among other health problems in your home

Cause of shower floor to leak

Leaking shower bases can be caused by a number of things. The most common cause is the shower pan floor, which is made of mortar, grout and tile. If any one of these materials loses its waterproof properties, you may have a leaky base on your hands.

Shower Floor Leak

Performing routine inspections for signs of a leaking shower base

To prevent a leak, it’s important to inspect your shower base for signs of damage regularly. You should:

  • Check for signs of water. If you see water on the floor, check for a leaking pipe or joint.
  • Look out for mold or mildew growth under the base. This can be a sign that water is seeping through the wall and rotting away its structural integrity, which may lead to more serious damage down the line if left unrepaired.
  • Check for rot in wooden support beams underneath the base—if they’re rotted all the way through, they’ll need replacing before they collapse under your weight and cause severe injury!

Flood Test

  • Set up a bucket to catch any leaks.

Fill the shower base with water and wait for it to leak.

If there is no leak, then the leak is somewhere else in the shower. If there is a leak, then you need to repair the shower base.

Shower Base Repairs with no tiles removed

A leaking shower base is a common problem that can be easily fixed home Improvement, but it’s important to know the cost of repairs beforehand. The type of repair will depend on the size and location of the leak, as well as if you need to remove tiles or other parts of your shower base.

Shower Base Repairs

Leaks are usually caused by corrosion along joints in copper pipes and brass fittings, so they should almost always be repaired by an experienced plumber. A typical repair job costs around $100 per hour, but this price can double or triple depending on how extensive your repairs are.


Once you have identified the cause of the Leaky Shower Base, it is time to discuss your options with a professional. It may seem like a difficult task to fix the problem but most shower leaks are easy to repair with no need for replacing tiles or resurfacing. A quick phone call to your local tile company should do the trick!