• Thu. May 30th, 2024

Does Direction Affect Solar Panel Installation Idea?

solar panels

If you have planned to install solar panels in your house or office, then you must be a smart & foreknown person. The issue of the climate crisis is no longer limited to specific regions, it has become a global issue now. In this between, the invention of Solar panels Melbourne has strengthened the needs for the future.

The way we, human beings, are wasting our non-renewable energy resources, the day is not far when we have to survive without a few needy things. The earlier we realise this thing, the better it can be for us and for our next generation. Many understand the seriousness of the current situation, and thus, they have started moving towards commercial & Residential Solar Panels Perth installation to acquire energy from the unlimited energy source – the Sun.

The installation can’t only secure the future, it’s a one-time investment. This means, just invest once and you need not look after it frequently (however, timely maintenance is required.).

Even, you can get rid of those budget-breaking utility bills. And, most importantly, you can do you’re a bit in the movement of “save the environment” and “go green”.

Once you made up your mind for the installation, your mind pops up with endless questions on whom to contact, when to contact, what about warranty, how much it cost, and blah, blah.

One of the most unasked questions about solar panel installation is – an ideal direction to install a solar panel.

If you are going to install it at own, there will remain chances of positioning mistakes. And if it happens, it will impact the panel efficiency, along with your energy-saving goal.

The answer to this question in a single word is – South direction.

No matter, wherever in the world you live, be it in Melbourne, Canberra, or even a completely different country, your solar panels should face south direction to get maximum power generation. However, there are still some factors that need to consider. And for that, it is better to contact a professional solar panel Installation Company rather than self-installation.

Since, depending upon the home position, you can install solar panels flexibly to face the southeast or southwest direction. Basically, solar panels that are mounted on a standard pitch roof would face the south direction, which allows for maximum production. While you contact a professional solar panel Installation Company, they have smart tools and technology to track the direction of the sun, and other many factors that could affect power & energy generation.

If you are not able to install solar panels facing the south direction, you need not worry. You can install solar panels facing a different direction. Prefer to install solar panels facing southwest or west direction as it may also be able to produce enough energy. For more guidance, approach your installation professionals and get easy determination.

So, when will you install your Solar Panels Melbourne plan? Act early before it’s too late.