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How Does the Migration From Salesforce To Dynamic 365 Consulting Essential?


If you plan to migrate from Salesforce to Dynamics 365 Consulting, it is necessary to count on a few things before making any decision. Since evolution, the buzz of comparison between salesforce and dynamics 365 remain the centre topic. Organizations still find the answer to the question – what make people migrate to Microsoft Dynamics from Salesforce?

And, many blog post platforms have incorporated this topic into their guide, we have also tried to accomplish your search goal into this descriptive guide.

The process of data migration becomes quite challenging, which include; collecting the data from its location, potential errors in data loading, and formatted structures used by the new system. Among lots of challenges that come around on the path, let’s see what the digital transformation experts say about the challenge. So, let’s discuss a bit about the same buzz most people talk & wonder about.

Dynamics 365 Consulting

  • One of the main reasons behind migration is the extra functionality that Salesforce CRM doesn’t offer
  • The next important thing is, it can be easily integrated with Microsoft products like Outlook, PowerPoint, Word, Office 365, and many such
  • Microsoft Dynamics also offers costs less than Salesforce
  • Dynamics 365 allows companies to level up their products’ usage
  • Microsoft’s platform offers connections to Power BI in addition
  • Salesforce sells add-on functionality at an extra cost

A Few Things To Consider Before a Data Migration

If you have made up your mind to migrate data, good practices will help you stay away from any pitfalls. Let’s take a look.

  • Planning

Planning is essential in every field and it is key. Since several tasks should be performed to assure a smooth product migration, it’s necessary to carry out it in a proper manner.

  • Data Assessment and Exploration

Before you switch from Salesforce to Dynamic 365, it is necessary to ensure safety. However, your data might be catalogued across lots of fields, many of them could be inaccurate and duplicate. During this initial stage, it is necessary to notice shortfalls or any possibility of it, in your data, with a purpose to avoid any risk of migration. A productive exercise is to get familiar with the fields in CRM and make use of these to organize data in a proper format. With the selection of Dynamic 365, you can organize and cleanse the data, also understand exactly your CRM solution. Such things could be easy if the data field is related like customer name, contact number, address, etc. If your new platform doesn’t contain fields to keep existing data, you can schedule easily in advance whether by creating new fields manually or through another way.

  • Data Profiling and Cleansing

Once you understand the depth of data and compare your records to the new platform. You can easily clean-up the data in preparation for transferring from one place to another. With data cleansing, it will become easy to examine the data quality, whether you repeat errors in bulk or address any sort of data anomalies. If you find repeat patterns of data fields that are not properly maintained, it is necessary to determine whether the data is important or it has been no input for any reason.

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Any Questions, Please!!!

Therefore, businesses are migrating from Salesforce to dynamics 365 consulting as it gives lots of benefits. We hope you like this blog post, share suggestions if you have any.