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how to make the most out of garden bark for summer?

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The bark is a natural product so it will biodegrade over time. Use it as a mulch to help retain water, or use it in planters where you don’t want to have anything visible inside of them (like dirt) once they’re planted. If you want your bark border to last longer than one season, consider planting something that’s pretty underneath the bark, like succulents or ferns. This way the bark will still look great but won’t be the only thing your visitors see in a few years when everything else is gone!

Bark acts as a natural mulch and keeps the soil around your plants moist, so you need to water less often.

Mulch is a thin layer of decomposing organic material that helps to maintain soil moisture and suppress weed growth. Bark acts as a natural mulch, keeping the soil around your plants moist so you need to water less often.
If you add bark chips around your garden bed every season, you should only have to water it once or twice in the summer instead of every day. If you live in an area where it rains frequently, this may not be necessary for your specific region. This will work best if there are no drainage issues under your garden bed or if none exist at all (like in a container garden).

Bark also helps control weeds

Bark acts as a weed barrier, so weeds are less likely to grow. When you’re working in your garden, you don’t need to use as much weed killer or spend as much time pulling weeds.
The bark is also attractive, so it can help make your garden look more beautiful. This helps to boost the value of your home if you plan on selling it in the future!

Bark your garden creates a more natural look that works well with flowerbeds and landscaping.

The bark is a great way to add texture and interest to your garden. It can be used as a border, to mulch garden beds, or even to create a path through the garden. The bark is available in almost any colour or size you need and it’s easy to install. You can also use it inside the house as flooring or wall covering.

garden bark christchurch

Simply adding bark in your garden can enhance its style

Adding bark to your garden will help you achieve a new look in no time. Natural material is good for nature and it can be used in many ways. Not only does it add an artistic touch, but the bark is cheap and easy to find as well. It’s also easy to use, so this summer make the most out of garden bark Christchurch for your garden!


If you have a garden that’s been neglected for a while and has become overgrown, you don’t need to put up with it any longer. With the help of our gardening experts, we can advise on how best to clear your garden and even lay new turf if you wish!