• Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

Importance of HVAC systems in commercial industries

Due to growing commercial industries across the globe, there has been a huge increase in HVAC system installation in the commercial sectors. It has been proven effective in purifying the environment and maintaining heating and cooling within the workplace. HVAC systems are highly efficient in maintaining perfect humidity and moisture in the workplace so, employees enjoy working in a clean and pure environment. The HVAC system generally works fine for 10 years but if you notice an increase in your energy bills or notice dust in your place then it might be a sign that you require Commercial HVAC Equipment Replacement South Shore MA service.

Before buying an HVAC system, consider:

  • Check for heating/cooling size and capacity.
  • Check for noise level.
  • Make sure the HVAC system you buy is energy efficient.
  • Check for warranty and service replacements and repairs.

Importance of having an HVAC system:

  • It controls the overall climate and temperature of the building hence providing a suitable and eco-friendly environment in commercial offices.
  • It’s one of the worthy investments because it creates a comfortable and peaceful environment hence increases employee’s productivity.
  • It is low maintenance and requires low repairs.
  • It is energy efficient hence, helps in reducing electricity bills up to some extent.
  • It helps in reducing waste production.
  • It helps in extracting and disposing of saturated industrial air safely outside the commercial area.

Signs that symbolise your HVAC system needs replacement:

  • Your HVAC system is old more than 10 years:

Generally, the life of HVAC machines is up to 10 to 15 years. After that, it needs the replacement of some necessary equipment, no matter how durable your HVAC system is. Its performance degrades over time.

  • Poor air quality:

HVAC is used in large amount during summers as to purify indoor air quality and promotes ventilation. If you notice degradation in office air quality, mold, dust or humidity then it is a sign that you must replace your HVAC.

  • Unusual noise:

Well-conditioned HVAC doesn’t tend to make sound, though as time passes, some components of HVAC may start making grinding and squeezing noise. If your system makes odd sounds, you must check it and repair it immediately.

  • Unpleasant smell:

It’s recommended to turn off the system if you inspect the burning smell or any unpleasant smell. Mold and dust formed inside the system can produce an uneven smell, call a professional HVAC service provider to ensure proper Maintenance.

  • Noticing Dust from HVAC system:

HVAC helps in heating, cooling, and proper ventilation of air in the workspace. Despite this, if you find an increase in dust particles and debris then it’s a warning that your HVAC needs servicing.

  • Increasing energy bills:

Especially during summers, HVAC tends to consume more power because of the hot temperature outside, but if you notice a huge increase in electricity bills, then you should definitely get your system serviced.

  • Repairing costs more than half the cost of an HVAC system:

If repairing costs half the price of a new HVAC, then it’s better to invest in a new one rather than spending on repairing faults and damages.


Hope you found our quick guide useful. If you inspect any of the above signs in your HVAC system then opt for the best Commercial HVAC Service Company today.