• Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

Importance Of Mosquito Control In Daily Life You Need To Know

Mosquito Control Plymouth County

Nowadays if we see around us, mosquitos are everywhere whether it’s your home, workplace or garden.  Like humans, mosquitos are also one of the insect living being generated by undergoing 4 stages that are egg, larva, pupa and then the final stage that is adult. Female mosquitoes lay eggs usually in water and soil places. Not all mosquitoes are harmful but some mosquitos act as a carrier for viruses like dengue, West Nile, sika and many more. Hence it is necessary to do Mosquito Control Plymouth County regularly every 1 to 2 months to keep mosquitos and flies away.

What is the cause of mosquito growth?

Untidy and dirty places are the main reason for the formation of mosquitos. Mainely mosquitoes love to grow and survive in moist and dirty places. Stagnant dirty water and the moist hot climate attract the mosquitoes to grow in speed. A warm and moist climate makes the perfect combination for the breeding that creates mosquito infestations.

When you should call the mosquito control service?

It’s recommended to spray Mosquito Control Cape Cod service every one to two months for preventing the growth of mosquitoes. Consider spraying pesticide in the rainy season and summer season as this is the season in which mosquitoes grow rapidly because of moist and warm weather. You should call a mosquito control service immediately if mosquitos have increased in a large number of populations and have been creating trouble for your day to day work.

What is a mosquito-borne disease?

Mosquito-borne diseases are basically the disease spread by the bite of an infected mosquito.  Mosquito-borne diseases are sometimes severe and can cause death also. The diseases spread by infected mosquitoes are zika virus, chikungunya, West Nile, dengue, malaria and so on. Dengue is the most common vector-borne contagious disease that has been spread across the globe and causes 25000 deaths every year. 

What pesticide is effective for mosquito control?

There are many mosquito control sprays and pesticides in the market that are proven to be effective in controlling mosquitos. Some mosquito spray may be loaded with toxic chemicals, in fact, to kill mosquitoes completely but that can be harmful to humans if taken internally by some source or inhaled for a longer time. Pyrethrin is the most common mosquito control pesticide used. Other than this there are many chemicals like Malathion, naled, phenothrin and many more which can be used as spraying or fogging to kill mosquitoes.

Are mosquito control pesticides harmful?

It’s advised to spray eco-friendly and toxic-free pesticide inside the house to prevent irritation and breathing problems. According to the health association, if mosquito sprays breathed for a long time can cause severe breathing problems, vomiting, nausea, itchiness, eye irritation and many more. 


At last, mosquitoes need to be prevented whether it’s minor or major as they contaminate foods and other house surfaces and spread highly contagious disease, so perform mosquito control service regularly for a healthy and safe environment. Connect with the best Mosquito Control Plymouth County that can help you deal with the situation of mosquito infestation.