• Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

5 myths You Need To Know About Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming Adelaide

Trimming a tree is not an easy job! There are many hazards involved, and the process can be time-consuming. Every time you head out into your yard with a chainsaw, the disease lurks around any corner. This blog talks about five myths that Tree Trimming Adelaide companies need to dispel in order to make the process easier on the customers.

5 myths You Need To Know About Tree Trimming

Myth 1: Tree trimming is easy

So you’re thinking about tree trimming for the first time in months or years? You might be thinking that it hasn’t been a common task for a long time and does not seem scary anymore. However, this is wrong! Today, it seems very easy because there are new techniques and equipment available. Most homeowners do not realize how complicated Tree Trimming Adelaide can be. Tree trimmers take safety precautions to make sure they don’t injure themselves while they work. One additional myth is that tree trimming is inexpensive; according to professionals, this is not the case. Tree work requires experience and will cost thousands of dollars.

Myth 2: Tree trimming damages the tree

Most of the time, people don’t realize that tree trimming only affects small parts of the tree, not 100% of it. If you take more than 12 inches away from a tree, it will eventually die. If a person gets bored while they’re doing this job and wants to drop what they’re doing more often, they can veer off into different trees rather than just trimming the one they’re working on

Myth 3: You need to start planning your trees in April

Tree Trimming Adelaide

Shrubs and small trees don’t need to be trimmed for about 4-6 weeks. Between 4-6 weeks is a good time to plan your tree trimming so that you know where everything will need to go when it starts. If you are planning on tree trimming in April, then you should expect a lot of delays because the soil/soil moisture/leaf growth won’t be completely ready yet.

Myth 4: It’s too expensive

Often times people think the cost is too high, and they don’t opt for Tree Trimming Adelaide or take it lightly. Trees add beauty to our lives, and if you don’t do this service regularly, it can eventually lead to problems in your backyard.

Myth 5: This Is The Worst Time of The Year For Tree Trimming

The truth is, it doesn’t matter when you schedule your trimming service. The only thing that matters for your safety is whether or not your tree is healthy enough to support its weight. In order for a tree to survive, the property needs to be cared for, and the soil needs to be watered consistently in order to prevent moisture from evaporating from the soil and potentially causing root rot. If this condition is met, then a tree will be able to survive even if the winds howl high outside and rain come pouring down people’s windows.