• Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

Pro Tips & Tricks For Escape Game You Should Consider

Escape Game Melbourne

It’s always fun to be in the Escape Game Melbourne. It’s full of fun and excitement. Those who want to win the game each time need to learn some crucial tips and tricks. Today, we have mentioned some amazing escape game tricks that will help you to win the game.   

Choose the right team 

The biggest rule of winning an escape game is the team. The kind of players playing in your team would define whether you lose or win. There could be members who would freak out within a few minutes in the room, and they would also make you lose. There could be people who would stick with the plan to the end and might even help you get out of the room with a win. So what type of people you choose for the game plays a crucial role when it comes to playing an escape game. 

If you already know the people, you might have an idea about who can play well. So choose them and make your team. If you don’t have any idea about the people and they are complete strangers to you, observe their behaviour. 

Stick to the plan 

You need to be completely available there for the win. So to be physically and mentally present, you need a plan. Before even stepping into the room, you need to make a full-fledged strategy for the game. You will decide what a particular person would do in a certain scenario and how to revive a shock. This helps each team player to stick to the plan no matter what comes next.   

Come to the action 

You and all your team players might be feeling excited and a little nervous. How well you take over the situation defines your win. So if you want the team to win, you have to make sure to be the man of the actions. If a team member is in shock, take over the situation and help them move ahead. You can also cover them if they get too much scared.   

Rules of the room 

Each escape room has certain rules. You need to find the clues by following all the rules. If anyone breaks the rule, you might get disqualified as well. So if you want to win, make sure that all these rules are clear to you and your team members. It doesn’t matter how long the game gets. Never break the rule and increase the chances of your win.  

Keep an eye on the clock 

You can’t spend the whole time in the escape room. You have to move on and find the clues as quickly as possible. Some teams play really well, but they lose only in a matter of seconds. So while playing your favourite escape room game, make sure you keep an eye on the clock and finish the game on time.    

That’s how you play Escape Game Melbourne the right way. 

So have fun and win the game with these amazing tricks. 

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