• Sun. Apr 21st, 2024

Reasons Why a Photo Booth is a MUST at Your Grand Opening Event!

Photo Booth Hire Sydney

Opening an office? launching a new product? Hiring new employees? Or perhaps you’re just throwing your annual holiday party? All of these events are great opportunities to attract new potential customers and team members, and none of them will be successful without one key ingredient: A best and cheap photo booth hire Sydney service! In this post, we’ll outline the top reasons why a photo booth is an absolute MUST at your next grand opening event!

Top 5 Reasons Why a Photo Booth is a MUST at Your Grand Opening Event!

Reason #1: Guests Love Taking Photos

You can’t underestimate the importance of getting guests excited about taking photos. The more they love taking photos, the more likely they are to share them with their friends and family members. This will help you spread awareness about your event and build anticipation for when it actually happens!

In addition to boosting engagement by providing a fun way for people to interact with each other (and enjoy themselves), photo booths also provide another great reason why you should use them at your special occasion: they make memorable moments even more special!

Reason #2: The Open-Air Environment

The second reason why a photo booth is such an amazing addition to your grand opening event is that it’s open-air. A lot of people don’t like being closed in with other people, but they’ll love being able to get up close and personal with the photographer while they’re taking pictures. It’s a great way for guests to get to know each other and shows that you value their time by letting them interact with one another outside of the traditional business environment.

This also helps bridge any cultural differences between attendees so that everyone feels comfortable together at the same time!

Reason #3: The Wide Angle Lens

Photo Booth Hire Sydney

The wide-angle lens gives you the ability to capture more people in the photo. This is especially true at events that are held in a large room or space, because you can see everyone who comes through the door and take their picture without having to move through the crowd.

You’ll also be able to capture more people and their faces, which is great if there are many guests at your event!

The wide angle lens allows for better coverage of large spaces like rooms or halls where people will walk by during your grand opening celebration. If they aren’t in frame with their backs facing towards camera, then they’re not part of your story!

Reason #4: The Added Bonus of Fun Props

You can also use props. Have fun with them, and make your guests laugh. The wide angle lens is great for taking photos of a large group of people at once and taking photos of just one person in a crowd.

Props are another great way to add more excitement and fun to your event! They’re easy to use and don’t cost much money either…you might even want to bring along some props so that everyone who comes through the photo booth gets something special!

Reason #5: Digital Image File Delivery

We all know how important it is to give your guests something to remember the event by. A photo booth is one of the best ways you can do this!

You can print out their photos and give them an album, or email them to guests who weren’t able to make it. You could also post them online on your social media pages, so that everyone can see what they did at your party! Or even better yet—make a guest book with all of the pictures from our photobooth!

It makes for some great memories because people will have fun looking back through each page as well as remembering special moments from years ago when they were little kids getting married at a young age (or not).


In conclusion, we’re here to say that a Photo Booth Hire Sydney is a perfect addition to your grand opening event. It’s affordable and fun, but most importantly: it’s a way to make memories last forever!