• Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

The Top 5 Mistakes People Make When Maintaining Their Pool

pool maintenance in Adelaide Australia

As the weather starts to cool down, many of us will be firing up our pool heaters in preparation for some final pool days. But even if you’re not quite ready to dive in yet, it’s still important to keep your pool in good condition so that you can enjoy it all winter long! This post will share the top 5 mistakes people make when maintaining their pools.

Avoid these common errors, and your pool will stay healthy all season long.

1.Mistake #1 – Not Having the Water in the Pool Tested

One of the most common mistakes people make regarding pool maintenance is not having the water tested. It can be challenging to determine whether specific problems are due to neglect or something more severe without regular testing. Make sure to test the water at least once a week – more often if the pool is used frequently.

2. Mistake #2 – Not Using the Correct Chemicals

pool maintenance in Adelaide Australia

One of the most common mistakes people make when pool maintenance is not using the correct chemicals. For example, chlorine is often used to kill bacteria and algae in pool water, while pH buffers are used to maintain the pH balance of the pool. If you do not use the correct chemicals, you risk your pool becoming cloudy, green or even dangerous to swim in. Please read the instructions carefully and follow them to a tee for the best results.

3. Mistake #3 – Using the Wrong Filter

Using the wrong filter is one of the most prevalent mistakes. The faulty filter can damage your pool cleaner, so it’s essential to use the right one. If you have a pool cleaner, you’ll need to use a different filter than if you’re swimming and using chemicals to keep the water clean. Consult your pool manual or ask an expert at your local pool store for more information.

4. Mistake #4 – Not Using the Right Balance of Chemicals

When it comes to pool care, one of the most common blunders is not employing the proper chemical balance. This can cause various problems, from cloudy water to algae outbreaks. It’s crucial to use the right amount and type of chemicals in your pool to keep it healthy and looking great. Talk to your pool professional about what balance is best for your pool, and make sure to follow their instructions carefully.

5. Mistake #5 – Not Cleaning the Pool Cover

Cleaning your pool cover is an often overlooked task, but it’s important nonetheless. If you don’t clean it regularly, the dirt and debris that collects can cause your pool to become murky and green. Not to mention, it can also affect the pH level and chlorine levels of your pool water. Start by removing any leaves, twigs or other debris from the cover using a broom or leaf blower. You can then use a cleaner or soap to scrub off any caked-on dirt or algae. Finally, rinse off the cover with a hose and let it dry before re-installing.


Owning a pool is a huge responsibility, and it’s important to maintain it properly to keep it looking and functioning at its best. The key to proper pool maintenance in Adelaide Australia is understanding the basics – like how to test the water, use the correct chemicals, and clean the filters – and then sticking to a regular schedule. Failing to do so can lead to various problems, from algae growth to clogged filters. So if you’re ready to take on the responsibility of owning a pool, make sure you also commit to maintaining it properly. It’s well worth the effort!