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Top tips on how to maintain a business property after you’ve left

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Leaving property as a business owner coming next to the close of a tenancy can be daunting and leave your building in worse shape than when you arrived. There is a range of options for End of lease cleaning Melbourne but taking time to plan is a great strategy for undertaking the cleaning process in advance, whether it be by yourself or hiring outside help.

In addition to remembering that leaving your items in your home is an indicator that you may no longer be available, remember to take good care of the extra tools used for cleaning. Leaving stainless steel versions of common products behind does not leave a good impression for possible new owners. 

How to clean a property before the lease is over?

Most companies want their properties to be in their best condition before they relocate. It’s important that the kitchens and bathrooms be clean, and put away unused items. The outside should be taken care of as well. Move any furniture you’re planning on replacing out of the way and get rid of trash and old boxes before you leave.

Alternatives to cleaning

It is important to maintain a business property after you leave. Cleaning can be time-consuming and expensive, especially if the owner has to hire contractors regularly. There are many alternatives that can help maintain a newly occupied residence instead of cleaning the house. For example, it is possible to paint the kitchen and appliances for fresh new colours with inexpensive brushstrokes. Having pets helps clean up after them, as all their dander will generate good air quality within their coop and bedding area.

Exit cleaning Melbourne

Common questions about post-expiry cleaning

After you’ve left, the property will need regular maintenance. Before you move out, ask the landlord what their preferred method of contact should be and try to arrange for someone to come in and clean.

Guidance on who is legally entitled to clean the property

One of the top risks rather than benefits of leaving your business property in the hands of the caretaker is that the property will be left in a messy state. Who is legally entitled to clean the property and make it presentable after you depart from commercial premises, how much effort does one have to exert before seeking instructions or assistance, what are the appeals processes for reversing decisions made about your property by third parties?


Yes, it’s sad to see your business wind down but the next owner will be glad you did and there will no doubt be plenty that could go wrong during the transition period. Equally, some people may want to get rid of a small business with big problems simply because they do not want to ‘hold them back. In reality, there are plenty of small businesses that thrive alongside their bigger counterparts. Exit cleaning Melbourne is not the thing to be taken lightly or it can result in loss of bond money and impression of the business.