• Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

Ways You Can Use Industrial Carpet Tiles In Your Home

Industrial carpet tiles Melbourne

Industrial carpet tiles are perfect for many different touch and style trends – so you can use them in any room of your home to add character. Here are five stylish ways to decorate with this versatile trend!

Do you want to add an industrial feel to your room? The Industrial carpet tiles Melbourne guide on our blog give you all the information you need to create wonder within your walls.

Industrial carpet tiles are typically made of concrete and is were used in noisy, industrial settings because it could provide an almost imperceptible vibration to let machines run smoothly. The tile also had a different texture between hard and rough so it resisted damage and other contamination. However, today industrial carpets are used for more aesthetical purposes in the home including flooring, covering counters, and even sculpting a unique shape with them.

  • Benefits of industrial carpet tiles

Industrial carpet tiles can add a modern and professional feel to any existing living space. They are usually durable and last for a long time. Taking care of these tiles is easy. Industrial tiles also have an advantage because they don’t get tangled with decor or furniture, which can be difficult when using traditional area rugs.

  • How to install an industrial carpet tile

Industrial carpet tiles Melbourne

Installing industrial carpet tiles is not difficult. You’ll need to get the tile, a drill, screws, and glue if needed.

1) Holes are made on both ends of the sheet to go through the walls

2) The sheet is laid out on a dry level surface inside and outside of the room

3) The sheet can be pulled across the floor like taut fishing line as you drill down one side of the tile up through each hole at the end of it

4) Hex tool bits or screws can then be screwed into nearby studs

  • Types of Industrial Carpet Tiles

Industrial carpet tiles are primarily used in a variety of industrial settings and can offer tiles for a variety of purposes. The most common type is the metal grate tile that offers unobstructed airflow underneath its surface as well as secure a certain level of traction for objects on its surface. Depending on the design, this type of tile can provide support for heavy loads and resists scuffing by rougher surfaces. Industrial brown ceramic tiles also have large gaps so debris, liquids, and particulates can gain access but remain contained within its porous surface.


There are no reports of Carpet tiles Melbourne causing any adverse health effects inside the home. They are low-static and can be easily cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, making them great for cleaning up after spills and protecting the floor against dirt and bacteria.

Industrial carpet tiles are great for more than just the commercial environment. They create a durable floor and add style and warm touch to any room of the home. Remembering where these tiles can be used in your home is easy. These materials can be placed in nearly any room as long as a little thought is applied beforehand. Incorporating them into the design of your home is as simple as decorating to pull colour from and textural appeal is high on the list for industrial tile designs.