• Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

What Are The Best Practices For Storing Biltong

biltong tauranga

If you are looking for a nutrient-rich and highly satisfying snacking experience then jerky and Biltong is something that you would love to give a try. Jerky is a highly flavoured ingredient-rick sliced beef that is dry in texture while the Biltong is naturally air dried with a softer and juicy texture. Both have come a long way to satisfy the snack cravings along with providing nutrients to the body. 

Narrowing our choice down to Biltong, here are some of the pro tips that would assist you to store the biltong tauranga effectively. 

  • Keep Away From Direct Sunlight And Heat

Much like us, on a hot day, biltong can sweat, yes you heard it right. This moisture and heat create a favourable condition in which microorganisms like bacteria breed and thrive. So, if you don’t want this to happen, make sure to keep your biltong away from heat and direct sunlight. 

biltong tauranga

  • Store In A Cool And Dry Place

Just like any other snack you need to store your biltong in a cool and dry place. This would keep the meat fresh for a long time. The most preferable area to store biltong could be any place that does get a bit stuffy in summer which can cause mould to grow. You can store the biltong in your fridge in hotter months to keep it a bit cool. 

  • Store it in a brown paper bag.

The plastic bag is highly not recommended. The fundamental requirement of the biltong to last long is to get the air but without moisture so it does not sweat. Brown bags seem to do the same by creating a path for moisture to escape. Further, consider shuffling your biltong in a brown bag frequently to prevent any changes of spoilage due to lack of air circulation.

  • Close the bag or container

Not just the moisture but pests like flies and maggots are also the enemies as they can lay the eggs on your biltong. The closed container would help you to keep the files and maggots off the biltong. 

  • Slice It As And When You Need

As the biltong is prepared as a whole, you make sure to slice it only the potion that you are able to complete. This not only results in a much better biltong taste but also it is easier to store the whole pieces than the sliced biltong. The larger pieces would help to keep the characteristics of biltong intact for a longer time, this way you would be able to get the fresh taste in every slice for days. 

  • Vacuum pack 

What if you buy the biltong in bulk? Would these storing practices be helpful even then? Storing it in the freezer would be the best practice. Make sure to vacuum pack it, as It would keep the biltong from freezer burns or drying out. There would be a slight change in the texture but this is the only way to store it for a really long period. 

So, what are you waiting for? Opt for the above practices to store biltong tauranga to ensure freshness for a long time.