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Why is Image Alt Text important in SEO

Image Alt Text is a tag that helps webmasters, designers and SEO in Canberra professionals understand that an image on a webpage is a link to another website. It’s also important because it can help search engines like Google better understand the content on your site and provide you with additional rankings. Keep reading to learn more about Image Alt Text!

What is Image Alt Text

Image alt text is important in SEO because it tells search engines what the image is about. Google has an algorithm that looks at text used as an alternate text for images. This helps Google understand the image and where it came from. This can help rank your site higher on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Why is Image Alt text important?

Image alt text is important in SEO because it can help explain the image to a potential user. If the text is interesting and provides additional information about the image, users are more likely to click on it and learn more about the content.

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When is it important to use Image Alt Text?

There are a few reasons why using Image Alt Text is important in SEO. First and foremost, it helps to improve the readability of your content. By including alt text for each image, you’re making it easier for readers to quickly identify the image and understand what it’s representing.

This can help improve click-through rates (CTRs) and lead conversion rates since people are more likely to stay on your page if they can see what you’re offering right away. Additionally, alt text can be used as a keyword tool to help target specific audiences.

Finally, alt text can be used to build brand awareness. If you have a logo or image that you want to promote specifically, adding alt text that includes the name of the company or product can help do just that.

How to avoid mistakes with Image Alt Text?

Image alt text is one of the most important pieces of SEO for your images. It’s a good way to add additional context to your images and help users understand what they’re looking at.

Here are some tips for creating effective image alt text:

  1. Use keywords in your image alt text. This will help you rank higher in search engines, and it can also help people find the images more easily on websites.
  1. Be clear about what the image is showing. Use straightforward language that accurately describes the image. This will help users understand what they’re looking at and make it easier to find related content if they need to.
  1. Be descriptive. Rather than just saying “Image,” try adding specific details about the image, such as “Photo of a girl with pink hair.” This will help readers know exactly what they’re looking at and make it easier to find related information.
  1. Add keywords throughout your blog post. This will help you rank higher in search engines, but it can also increase traffic to your website from Google Images results pages (SERP). For more info, check out Google’s help page on adding keywords.
  1. Images should be high-resolution. This is especially important if you’re going to display them as part of a larger post or article. If you’re going to use an image as part of a wider media piece, ensure that the image is at least 1000 pixels wide by 4000 pixels high, so it appears clearly and comfortably on-screen with your text.


Image alt text is an important part of SEO in Canberra because it helps people understand what a photo is all about. Images without alt text can be confusing, and people won’t be able to easily find the information they’re looking for. Including alt text in your images will help you rank higher in search engines, and increase the chances that people will click through to see the image full size.