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How to warm up before Pilates class?

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A warm-up is an essential component of any athletic performance. In the best practice of all time, we call it “The Work”. The Work is an exercise that targets your entire body to have it ready for action. It’s not just about getting your heart rate up or your form on point. The Work aims to improve your ability to feel passionate about yourself and your performance as an athlete as a whole. Here are some great tips on how to warm up before Pilates Classes Christchurch so you can dive into a deep mental state that’ll leave you refreshed and ready for another day of work!

Plan your warm-up beforehand

Before you begin your warm-up program, it’s important to know where you’re going and what you’re doing. It’s also important to have an idea of what you’ll be doing during your warm-up. This can be done by writing it all out in a journal or on a calendar. You’ll also want to make a plan for how you’re going to take that warm-up to the next level. You could simply go to your local park and stretch while you burn some calories. Another way to get started is to make a list of what you want to do during your warm-up and then write it down as well! This will make it easier to add new behaviours and movements that you don’t think you have time for during your normal exercise sessions.

Don’t forget to hydrate

When you’re as hungry as you are during your warm-up, it’s wise to make an effort to drink water. It’ll help your body come back to full health and allow you to focus more on your movement. Water is also packed with nutrients that will help to keep your body from getting too hot. You can find water soft drinks, water sports drinks, or water bottles that come with enough infuser pieces to make several glasses!

So, if you normally drink straight water, add an extra pour or two of water to help you feel more relaxed and able to connect better with your body.

Pilates Classes Christchurch

Try a variety of exercises

One of the best things about warm-up programs is that you can try a variety of exercises. Try lifting a muscle that’s usually weak in your body like your shoulder or your backside. This will actually strengthen those muscles while adding some bounce to them. Try getting in some aerobic exercise too – either through stretching or even just moving your feet back and forth a bit. Doing so will help the heart rate and oxygen levels in your body to rise, which will keep you energized and alert for the rest of the workout. If you are planning to join Pilates Classes Christchurch then keep above things in mind.