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Know How To Maximize The Shelf Life Of Beef Jerky

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Unlike many other meat items, the best beef jerky can be eaten practically anyplace without the worry of being laughed at or being judged. But it’s important to have proper preservation of beef jerky to consume it healthy. Heat, light, including UV light, temperature fluctuation, and rough handling are the major enemies of shelf life. If these can be reduced to the very minimum, shelf life can be extended by months, if not years. Continue reading the blog till the end to read some of the factors that can reduce the longevity of meat snacks.

  • Heat

Some may recall a high school earth science lesson stating that the simplest way to speed up any reaction is to add heat. When it comes to breaking down meat, the same is true. Storing jerky in a too warm atmosphere is the same as frying the meat, but it takes longer. Normal shelf life will be significantly shortened in a storage setting with too much heat. Jerky should be stored between 35 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. In general, the cooler, the better; jerky stored in a sealed container in the refrigerator can last virtually indefinitely.

  • Temperature Fluctuation

With large temperature variations, food goods will break down more quickly in any storage situation. If you’ve ever seen dew on the grass, you’ve experienced the phenomenon: warm air supports more moisture, which transforms into precipitation as the air cools. Beef Jerky is packed with a small quantity of atmosphere; if the temperature drops quickly enough, this moisture will condense into water droplets.

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This doesn’t inherently harm the jerky or make the storage container dirty, but every time the phase changes in the bag, it affects the jerky, resulting in the jerky breaking down more quickly.

  • Poor Handling

Food products suffer from rough handling in a variety of ways. It’s a good method to rupture a package, for starters. A pinhole is all it takes to destroy an otherwise perfect barrier seal. Jerky should not be twisted, particularly slab form jerky, are firm and sharp enough to puncture even the toughest container. The jerky’s days are numbered once the bag has a hole in it. Keep factory-packaged jerky in a loosely packed container, preferably one that protects the interior packs from light and atmosphere, and you’ll be able to enjoy it for at least a couple of years.

It’s all about refrigeration when it comes to storing beef jerky after it’s been opened. Even if you buy biltong nz from a good store, proper preservation is a must. Beef jerky must be kept cool to keep its texture, flavor, and freshness after the seal is broken. Pro tip: Place your jerky in a zip lock bag and squeeze out all of the air before refrigerating it to keep it fresh for up to a week.

If you make your jerky, then it’s essential to store it properly to ensure proper health benefits. Hope you found the blog useful to store your beef and meat products properly. Share your thoughts and comments regarding the beef storage in the comment section.