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Should I Meth Test My Rental Property?

ByTom Smith

Jan 10, 2023
Meth Test

If you own a rental property, you’ve probably heard about the dangers of meth contamination. This is especially true if your property is in an area where meth use is prevalent.

However, even if you don’t live near an area with high rates of meth abuse, it’s still important for landlords to understand how to test for remnants of meth and what steps they can take to make their properties safe for tenants and other occupants.

So whether you’re wondering if it’s worth performing meth test on your rental property or not—or you just want some peace of mind while getting ready to rent out your home—here’s everything you need to know:

Why You Should I Meth Test My Rental Property

How do you test for meth contamination?

The first thing you should know is that meth testing for your rental property can be done by a professional who will come to your home and perform the test there.

This process takes about three hours, and results are available in three days. If you prefer to have it done at an independent lab instead of on site, that’s also an option—just make sure you research the pros and cons before making your choice!

Who is responsible for testing rental properties for contamination?

Meth Test

In the end, it is the landlord’s responsibility to ensure that your property meets safety standards. The tenant can request testing from a certified third party inspector, but they cannot force the landlord to act on their request. If you are a landlord and your tenant asks you to test for meth contamination, you must do so if:

  • You have written rental agreement in place; and/or
  • The state where you live has laws requiring landlords to test for meth contamination (for example: California). If a state does not require it, then there is no legal requirement that you perform testing on your tenants’ behalf. The only exception would be if there is an issue with mold in one of your properties and this affects other tenants as well; then it would be reasonable for them to ask for such testing at no cost.

Which rental properties should be tested for meth contamination?

If you are a landlord, the first step in determining whether or not your rental property needs to be tested for meth contamination is to consider what types of properties are more likely to come into contact with meth. This can help you narrow down your testing options (and costs!) by focusing on those places that are most likely at risk.

There are three general categories of rental properties where there is a greater risk of meth contamination: recreational properties, properties that have been used for meth production, and properties that have been meth lab sites.

If you have a recreational property, such as an RV or trailer that is used for camping, hunting or fishing trips, then it’s important to test for meth. This is because these types of properties are often left unattended for long periods of time, which makes them the perfect breeding ground for meth contamination.


If you’re a landlord or property manager, Meth Test is an important part of keeping your tenants safe. After all, it’s their home and we want them to feel comfortable there. So if you think your property could be contaminated with the drug or its byproducts, then consider getting the test done before any new tenants move in.